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Improve crop yield and save water with our advanced irrigation system

Eben Ezer Lawncare & Landscaping LLC offers services of Landscape design, Grass planting and Installations, Mulching, Yard Maintenance, Trim Trees & Bushes, Lawn Care, Patio, Palm trimming , Fall Clean Up, Gutter Cleaning , Irrigation System, Clean Ups, Snow Removal, Pressure Washing, Retaining Wall in Topeka KS, Lawn Care KS, Holton KS, Shawnee KS, Perry KS, Lecompton KS, Tecumseh KS -Creating breathtaking landscapes, one project at a time

Irrigation System

Automated irrigation systems keep the garden in optimal condition. Save time and water by programming irrigation according to plant needs.

Our Services

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Optimize Your Landscape with Professional Irrigation System Installation. Our expert team designs and installs efficient irrigation systems tailored to your needs. From sprinkler installation to innovative watering solutions, we ensure proper plant hydration. Trust us to enhance the health and vitality of your landscape while conserving water. Experience the convenience and effectiveness of professional irrigation system installation with Eben Ezer Lawncare & Landscaping LLC.


Ensure Peak Performance with Reliable Irrigation System Maintenance. Our skilled technicians provide comprehensive inspections, repairs, and adjustments to keep your irrigation system running smoothly. From sprinkler head maintenance to controller programming, we optimize water distribution and prevent water waste. Trust us to maintain the efficiency and longevity of your irrigation system—experience worry-free irrigation with Eben Ezer Lawncare & Landscaping LLC.